7 Simple Tips for Improving Local SEO

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SEO for local business is a growing industry as more entrepreneurs understand the need for online visibility. Local businesses often invest considerable amounts on a new website, but are left frustrated by a lack of visitors. Faced with this disappointment, finding an SEO company is seen as the best remedy for the traffic problem. For anyone with experience in SEO, ranking local sites can often be relatively straightforward, but it is important to develop a systematic approach if you want to build a thriving business. This checklist features some of the most important tools you will need for a local SEO enterprise.


Your website is extremely important, as you need to convince business owners that you are legitimate. Tech businesses, along with graphic designers and advertising agencies, are often judged by the quality of their sites. Tech-savvy entrepreneurs are expected to be at the cutting edge, so ensure your site is up to date and informative, and ranks for the appropriate local terms.

Logo and Branding

A logo, along with other branding opportunities, helps position you in the marketplace. Some local SEO companies try to establish credibility by indicating they are a professional operation. Alternatively, other businesses market themselves as approachable freelance experts, with the aim of building rapport based on personality. Your branding should correspond to the type of business you are trying to create.

Lead Generation Tool

A lead generation tool should bring in more prospects than you would get from a basic list of contact details. One example is to offer an SEO guide for beginners, adding subscribers to an email sequence that promotes your services. Another valuable tool is an SEO audit facility, either performed manually or by using a white label product. The audit will indicate any issues with a website, allowing you to promote your services while helping the prospect.

Sales Presentation

Most clients will not be willing to agree a contract without meeting you. A sales presentation, whether online or face to face, should be created to close sales and inform clients. As you gain more clients, you can optimize the presentation with the new knowledge you gain.

Case Study

Case studies are particularly helpful during the sales process. A case study could show how you took a low ranking site to a strong position, giving an idea of the time and resources required to do this. Customers can be reluctant to let their site be used, so you may need to create some test sites for this purpose.

Process Plan

A process plan is a detailed guide that can be followed for most of the tasks in the business. Many of the steps required in SEO are applicable for every site, so the process plan can be precisely followed. If you employ any staff, the process plan is an effective way to ensure your methods are carried out in the same way for every client.

Reporting Software

Clients will expect a monthly report indicating the work carried out, changes to rankings, and other related information. While this could be done manually, it is far quicker to use software. SEMrush, Raven, and NinjaCat are a few options, but there are plenty of alternatives. The reports will have a professional feel, so your clients should be confident in your abilities.

As your business grows, adding to your checklist might become necessary. A good tool, the checklist will be there to assist you, but it should never prevent innovation and new ideas. Creating systems and structures allow major corporations to be as efficient as possible. By employing similar strategies for a local SEO business, there is no limit to how successful you can become.

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