7 Tips for Creating Engaging Facebook Posts

better facebook posts

better facebook posts

A Facebook business page is essential for businesses and can help customers find your products and services. Facebook business pages often rank highly in search engines and potential customers are now increasingly using social media to find local businesses and services.

As Facebook has moved to a paid model, business page owners need to pay to increase post reach and find new followers. However, if you create an engaging Facebook posts, you can maximize your reach for free.

Create Good Content

Facebook is very visually driven and you’re fighting for wall space with thousands of other posts. It’s important that you make your post stand out from the rest.

A good image or video will capture people’s attention and get more interaction in the form of clicks, comments, likes, and shares. You should aim for quality over quantity and post a range of different types of media to really make your posts stand out from the crowd.

Have The Right Timing

The timing of your posts should also be considered. This is likely to vary depending on your audience, but you can use Facebook’s Insights to see what time most people are visiting and interacting with your Facebook page. You should experiment with your post times to find out which times get the best engagement and reach.

It could be that you should post a few hours before peak time or during the peak times. The only way to know the best time to post is to experiment at various times throughout the day and try to find what works best for you.

Use Historical Data

Facebook provides all the data you need to make informed decisions about posts. If one particular style of post has worked better than other posts, then try to find the reason why. Post similar posts and try to recreate the level of engagement. Make small changes to see what works with your customers and what doesn’t.

Use all the data you have available to continually optimize your posts and increase post engagement. By analyzing Facebook’s Insights, you should be able to see why certain posts performed better than others.

Don’t Write Too Much

Write posts that will capture the minds of your followers, but don’t write too much. Write only a couple of sentences which encourage people to click, like, share, and comment.

People on Facebook often have very short attention spans and will quickly scroll down to the next post on their wall to find something more interesting. It’s important that you catch their attention with a well-written description. Again, you should experiment with descriptions to find out what works best with your followers.

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Use Relevant Hashtags

Try to use relevant hashtags in your descriptions to help people find your posts. Instead of just listing hashtags at the end of the post, you should try to fit them inside your sentences. For example:

Today is #Macys #SpringSale – Come down to #LincolnRoadMall near #MiamiBeach and get a great deal!

You should try to get your brand name and business location in your posts and research popular hashtags which are connected to your business. In this example, the hashtag #SpringSale will list your post for anyone searching for “Spring Sale” on Facebook. Don’t use too many hashtags as the post will look spammy and people will just scroll past it.

Create Fun Contests

A contest on your Facebook page is a great way to increase engagement. You can create many types of contests on your page. Examples include sweepstakes, picture submissions, or best caption competitions. Facebook has a clear set of guidelines about how you should operate contests and you can’t ask people to share posts on their walls or tag their friends in posts.

Whatever type of contest you choose should encourage a person to interact with the post or page to enter. You should read the terms and conditions to ensure that your contest doesn’t break any rules. If your contest breaks the rules, the post may be deleted and there is a risk that your page could be banned.

Have a Good Call to Action

If you are trying to achieve a specific goal with your Facebook posts, such as getting website visitors, you should experiment to see if you can improve the click-through rate to your website. You may find that you can persuade more people to click a link by changing how you ask them to click that link. Test similar posts with different calls to action. This could be something simple such as changing the description from “Click here to buy now” to “Find out the price today”.

You can use Insights to see how many people are clicking on your posts and then use Google Analytics to see what they doing when they are on your website. You should also test various landing pages to experiment how you can increase conversion rates for social traffic on your website.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network and having a business page is must for every business. More than 1 billion people around the world use Facebook and many are using the social media giant to search for local businesses in their area. You should carefully consider your posts to increase post engagement and attract more potential customers.

Fortunately, you have enough data available to make an informed choice about what is working well on your page and how you can improve. Continually test and analyze posts to keep them optimized for engagement and clicks. Well-optimized Facebook pages can generate a lot of traffic to websites and help to find more customers for your business.

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