The Ultimate SaaS Directories List

ulitmate saas directory list

If you own a software as a service business, you know that your #1 priority is getting more customers.

But how do you get more customers if no one can find you online?

When you submit your saas to saas directories, you will get a ton of great benefits that can help grow your online presence and sales.

Benefits of Adding SaaS to Directories

So why add your SaaS to a directory? There are a number of benefits that you can get by adding your web application to these specific directories.

Better SEO

When you add your business to a directory, you get a high powered backlink. If you are familiar with SEO, you know that the more high powered backlinks pointing to your website, the better you will ultimately rank.

Not only that but creating profiles at all these directories will help you take over the entire first page with your branded keyword.

So when someone searches for your SaaS, the entire first page are your website, social media, and directory profiles.

In our list below, we added the domain authority and Alexa rank so you can see which directories have the highest powered link.

More Reviews

Reviews are a large factor when people are thinking about buying online.

Having a good amount of reviews for your SaaS will strongly help increase conversion rates and bring in more customers.

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Adding your software to these directories will allow you to capture more reviews on each directory.

The more reviews you have on each directory, the better you will rank in the directory and the more traffic you can get from the directory itself.

More Exposure

Some of these directories are very large and can bring in 50-70% of your SaaS customers.

Directories like G2Crowd and Capterra get a ton of traffic and are authority directories in their space.

These sites can get your SaaS a ton of exposure from customers who are ready to buy.


The first thing people do when they come across your software is do a google search on your company.

They want to see what other people think of your SaaS before spending their hard earned money it. If your software doesn’t come up anywhere it seems a little fishy.

Authority sites are listed in a number of other locations around the web and usually have multiple sources of reviews for the app.

For this reason and the others mentioned above, its super important to submit your saas to these directories.

List of SaaS Directories


Akita is a Customer Success Management software that integrates with the leading Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. The company was founded in 2014. Akita was designed to make maintaining and nurturing customer relationships easier.

Customer Success teams and anyone in the company who interacts with customers can access a 360-degree view of each customer and get actionable insights and timely alerts.


AlternativeTo is a free service that delivers crowdsourced software recommendations. It is an easy way to find better alternatives to the software you use now.

The website has 572,566 reviews, comments and recommendations on 77,027 apps. People from all over the world share their opinions to help users find better software options.


Business Insider called this United States-based website the “ for investors and startups”. Startups, angel investors, and job-seekers can use the AngelList platform to find fundraising and talent.

Startups can raise money from angel investors free of charge and job seekers can apply to 106,269 startup jobs with one application.


GetApp is a free business app discovery platform with software listings, verified user reviews, articles, product comparison pages, that allows users to compare software as a service (SaaS) products and access detailed product data.

Users can also access interactive tools like AppFinder to find the software and apps they need.


AppExchange launched in 2006 as a marketplace offering cloud-computing applications and consulting services. Salesforce rigorously vetted more than 2,800 apps as part of their security review.

Each app in the marketplace is pre-installed on the latest release of Salesforce. According to the company, 85% of Fortune 100 companies use at least once AppExchange app.


Founded in 2005, BoogarLists is a directory of more than 2,000 financial, operations and marketing services in addition to a directory of conferences and associations in the technology, media, and communications industries.

Users can search for Venture Capital and Mid-Market/LBO private equity firms to secure investment capital.

Business Software is a free online resource for business technology vendors and buyers. It was founded in 2006 to help people find the right software for their businesses.

Users can download more than 80 Top Software Vendor reports, read product reviews and expert analysis of business software providers, as well as access a comprehensive software product directory.


Founded in 1999, Capterra was the first business software site to offer user reviews. This free platform is home to more than 500K verified reviews.

Capterra is part of Gartner’s Digital Markets family of brands along with Software Advice, and GetApp. Users can access Top 20 reports, in-depth guides for different software verticals, and other research prior to making a software purchase.

Cloud Showplace

This Cloud Computing Showplace features an easy-to-use directory of leading Cloud providers, insights on Cloud Computing trends, a newsletter with 15,000 CIOs and IT professionals subscribed.

Users can search the online directory by application category or industry sector.

Cloud XL

Based in Morrisville, North Carolina, CloudXL is an organized list of cloud computing, cloud storage, and software as a service providers with more than 350 providers. Users can filter their searches using various criteria.

CNET Download

This is the place to go to find free-to-try, legal downloads and rated reviews.’s editors share unbiased reviews on thousands of products. All the software, mobile apps, and games on the site go through a rigorous testing process.

Registered users can participate in CNET forums and TalkBack discussions.

This resource for researching cloud computing, AI, FinTech, IoT, and machine learning features insights from industry experts on the blog as well as thousands of articles, news clips, and videos. Visitors will also find coverage of industry event in the form of video interviews, blogs, live broadcasts, and social media updates. also offers events and workshops.

CRM Landmark

This free CRM and ERP Software as a Service vendor directory does not require registration. Users will find unbiased information regarding on-premise and hosted CRM software solutions including help guides, articles, and the CRM Leaderboard which ranks CRM software solutions based on user input.


Crozdesk uses AI and machine learning ranking algorithms to deliver unbiased software recommendations. Users will find free report library, software buyer guides, live market infographics, and live market data across more than 200 software categories.

This free resource ranks software based on hundreds of factors.


Boasting more than 50M yearly active users, CrunchBase allows users to search and target investors and investments using advanced search filters, company alerts, and analysis tools. Investors, entrepreneurs, market researchers, and salespeople all use Crunchbase to track emerging trends, research companies, and connect with people.


Founded in 2012, DiscoverCloud is a business software marketplace owned and operated by Chekkt Limited. Users can find and compare software and tools in multiple categories like: Security, Backup, CRM, Project Management, Social Monitoring, Invoicing, Billing, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, Help Desk, and more.

The company claims that more than 1 million decision makers have used the marketplace to choose their next tool.


FeedMyApp is a web 2.0 applications and sites directory where each app is tagged and labeled with a brief description. Users can browse the directory by tag, by date, or using the search box.

The platform offers localized editions for 43 countries and users can read the content in whatever language they feel most comofrtable.


FinancesOnline is a B2B business apps discovery platform with 2.5M users. Users can access SaaS/B2B software and financial products reviews, a business software directory, and reviews from experts and fellow users.

There are also articles and product comparisons. FinancesOnline has 7,019 expert reviews and more than 10,000 user-submitted reviews.

G2 Crowd

This platform is home to more than 650,000 independent user reviews, 712,300 validated user reviews, and a robust community that uses the power of the crowd to make buying software easier.

G2 Crowd uses data aggregated from publicly available online sources and social networks to drive product rankings, market presence scores, and index scores. The social component makes for more accurate reviews.

IT Central Station

IT Central Station is a crowdsourced knowledge platform with unbiased reviews, recommendations, and advice from more than 333,257 enterprise tech professionals. The platform’s goal is to reduce vendor bias in the technology buying process. If you’re researching and reviewing enterprise technology solutions, this is the platform The Wall Street Journal calls “The Yelp for Enterprise Technology.”

Killer Startups

Based in Columbus, Ohio, is a resource with startup tools and guides, startup reviews, podcasts, and other content for the startup community. As part of a family of sites which includes,, and, is the place to find information on startup companies.

Launching Next

Launching Next is a curated collection with more than 200 tools and resources to help launch and grow your startup. They showcase new, trending startups daily and claim to have thousands of readers. This is a great resource for inspiration, new ideas, and discovering what’s trending in the startup world.

Product Hunt

Founded in 2013, Product Hunt curates the best new products daily. Users can submit products which are then voted on by the community. Over 100 million products have been showcased on Product Hunt. Available as an Android and Mac application as well as a Chrome extension, the platform makes discovering the next hot mobile app, website, or tech product a breeze.


Founded in 2005, claims to be “the world’s leading source of news and information about Internet-based application programming interfaces (APIs)” as well as “the Web’s defacto journal of the API economy”. Users will find news, analysis, reviews, how-to articles, an API directory, a directory of web apps using web APIs, a directory of frameworks, libraries, and SDKs, the latest statistics on the API economy, a directory of ProgrammableWeb’s registered members, and a list of offsite resources and source code.

Ready SaaS Go

Ready SaaS Go claims to be the biggest Software as a Service directory online. This free directory has information on industry trends, changes and events as well as the ability to search by keyword and category. Users will find articles and research, listings of conferences and events, and, as noted, a comprehensive directory of SaaS offerings.

SaaS Directory

SaaS Directory bills itself as the biggest SaaS, PaaS & IaaS directory online. It is a free resource with a search engine for upcoming SaaS and Cloud Computing Software events in addition to a large showcase of software.

SaaS Lounge

SaaS Lounge uses a proprietary 10-point appraisal system to rank SaaS offerings. Users will find a SaaS Forum, SaaS directory, SaaS guides, and industry news. Search multiple categories like API, CRM, VOIP, Web Analytics, Project Management, and more to find the perfect solution.


Featured in Forbes, ComputerWorld, CIO, PC World, and Bloomberg Business, this free directory of SaaS companies also offers users software reviews and comparisons, a recommendation engine, white papers, and other resources.


SaaSMAX is a platform that helps SaaS and Cloud Software vendors vet and partner with resellers to drive partner sales.By establishing partnerships with resellers and distributors, vendors can leverage channel distribution model to grow sales.

Software Advice

Software Advice offers more than 800,000 user reviews, 566 software guides, original research, software advice, and expert advisors who will help you shortlist the right solutions for your business.


SoftwareSuggest is a business software discovery and recommendation platform offering evaluations tools, buyer reports, a blog, and reviews and comparisons across multiple software categories. Users can even receive a free consultation on business software solutions.


TechnologyAdvice offers users a research library, blog, ability to search software across categories, buyer’s guides, product pages, case studies, and reviews. Users can also receive a free, 5-minute Tech Assessment and walk away with pricing details and a shortlist of 3-5 viable software solutions.


Based in New Delhi, India, TechPluto covers tech and startup industry news and events as well as offering a platform for emerging startups and entrepreneurs to showcase their products. The platform also helps startups gain access to investors and raise funds.

The Startup Pitch

This service for Startups allows companies to pitch themselves and their apps. Launched in 2008, this is the first website to accept news directly from startups and their founders.

Trust Radius

TrustRadius is an ad-free review site for business technology with more than 178,000 reviews from verified users. This reviews on this platform average more than 400 words, almost four times the industry average. Based in Austin, TX, TrustRadius also has a robust user community.


WebAppRater offers user reviews, a blog, educational articles, and other resources for people looking for web applications. You can search apps, participate in the community, or submit an app for review.

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