10 Social Media Marketing Hacks for Realtors

Social Media Marketing Hacks for Realtors

The real estate field is fast-paced and expansive. That’s the reason that realtors should put a lot of time into thinking about getting ahead.

The savviest real estate agents these days are the ones who put a lot of effort into digital marketing. They’re the ones who specifically concentrate on social media marketing. If you’re a hard-working real estate agent who wants to market your services and expertise using social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, there are all sorts of tricks that can help you do so.

There are various tricks that can help you secure additional leads. In this article, we are going to show you 10 social media marketing hacks to boost your real estate business.

Change Things Up

You should never make your approach to marketing using social media seem stale and uninspired.

Ambitious real estate agents should prioritize changing things up and keeping them fresh and interesting. Put together an Instagram account that features all kinds of content options for followers. Don’t overwhelm them with random real estate statistics. Give them an enticing blend of everything. Post view clips of open houses, new property tours, and similar real estate events.

Post striking images of particularly pleasant residential neighborhoods, towns and cities. Some of the most successful real estate social media presences are the ones that include “lifestyle” elements.

Prioritize Regular Activity

People these days have so many choices in real estate agents. That’s why you should use social media to confirm that you’re a cut above the rest.

You can do so by being active. It’s no surprise that people tend to rapidly forget about real estate agents who barely do anything on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You should make a point to post relevant, interesting and updated content on a frequent basis. It may help to post social media content on a daily basis no matter what.

If you neglect your social media accounts, you won’t be able to engage your target audience members as well. You won’t be able to secure additional followers, either.

Take Advantage of Fitting Real Estate Hashtags

Content optimization is paramount in the digital marketing realm. If you’re enthusiastic about boosting your engagement as a real estate agent, then you should take full advantage of appropriate hashtags. Zero in on hashtags that make sense in the real estate profession. Hashtags can help promote engagement. They at the same time can empower people to find out about your services in the first place.

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The use of suitable hashtags can make it easy for possible purchasers and property owners to locate you online. It at the same time can assist you in your searches.

Focusing on hashtags can help you find out about possible buyers who may be curious about some of your available properties.

It can help to include a healthy mix of different kinds of real estate hashtags. Basic ones that include words like “realtor” alone can be effective. It can also help to tailor hashtags to specific neighborhoods and communities. Note, too, that there are hashtags devices that can aid agents who need a bit of guidance. There are devices online these days that offer people hashtag recommendations. They’re often complimentary as well.

Make Frequent Communication a Top Priority

Real estate agents who want to go far on social media should never be lazy about interacting with followers.

Frequent communications can contribute to a sense of comforting community. If you want to steer clear of the possibility of your followers losing interest in your services, then you need to go the extra mile to keep them in the loop.

  • Post on social networks with significant regularity.
  • Comment on your followers’ pages any time you see fit.
  • Pose questions to all of your followers that relate to their lifestyles, aspirations, careers, educational journeys, and relationships.

Getting acquainted with your followers can help you enhance your services significantly. That’s because it can give you insight that can help you accommodate them more successfully. Remember, too, that it can help to do anything you can to showcase your personality to the people who follow you.

Ask them if they have any burning questions for you. The more your followers know you, the more they’ll want to stick around. It’s imperative to establish a rock-solid connection with your loyal audience members.

Assess Your Progress

Real estate agents should never make the common mistake of ignoring their digital marketing progress. You should meticulously assess the outcomes of any and all of your marketing efforts.

Social media analytics can do a lot for real estate agents who want to evaluate how their content is doing. Assessing performance can do a lot for agents who want to figure out which techniques work and which do not. Social media analytics can help diligent real estate agents make pertinent decisions that involve weekly posting times.

They can help them grasp times that are conducive to higher degrees of engagement as well.

Maintain a Tasteful Attitude

You should think at length about your reputation on the Internet. That’s because reputation greatly influences whether people turn to you for your real estate services.

Maintain a social media personality that’s tasteful. It’s vital to steer clear of badmouthing any others who are part of your industry. It’s just as vital to steer clear of using questionable language and making off-color jokes. Make a point to avoid doing anything that may be alienating to the people you’re targeting.

It can even be a great idea to resist the urge to post anything on social media that may be a bit too personal in nature.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is one of the most exciting things in the world. People gravitate to it as well.

That’s why you should do what you can to say no to the pressure to behave in ways that just do not make sense to you. Don’t live in fear of showcasing your individuality. If you approach social media activities in a fake manner, then you may put off the people who are in your target audience. You may fail to establish tangible and strong bonds with them. If you’re serious about the idea to bonding with your followers, then you should pen your content independently.

You don’t have to ask professional writers if they can do it on your behalf. Modern consumers are intelligent. They can detect social media fakes from miles away.

Teach All of Your Followers

Knowledge is power, and that’s exactly why it’s so critical to zero in on teaching your social media followers any time you can.

Teaching them can broaden their horizons. It can establish your credibility and authority, too. If you want your target audience members to be able to genuinely believe in you and in your proficiency, then you can start by giving them well-rounded educations. Discuss typical real estate selling and buying errors that you encounter frequently.

Go into suggestions that can simplify the process of acquiring a “starter home.” Delve into the universe of problematic home staging techniques as well.

There are all sorts of social media teaching strategies that can work out well for driven real estate agents. If you’re keen on educating your followers, then you may want to post fascinating real estate field tidbits on a weekly basis. Give your followers something they can look forward to a week in and week out.

Talk About Positive Real Estate Experiences You Have Had in Recent Times

Real estate agents definitely don’t want to boast about anything. That doesn’t mean that they should conceal any of their accomplishments, though.

Putting your latest accomplishments on display can, in reality, be intelligent. That’s because it can encourage your audience members to have a lot of faith in you and in all of your abilities. If you’ve just sold a coveted home in a lovely and serene part of a city, you can post about it on your Facebook page. If you’ve just helped a client find a residential property that’s an ideal option for his growing family, you can post about it on your Twitter or Instagram pages, too.

If you see one of your clients saying positive things about your services on Twitter, then you may want to retweet the post. That’s because content that starts with other people can be especially valuable in the real estate field. It’s fine if you cannot find any mentions of your recent transactions on social media.

You can put your satisfied clients on display for everyone by posting photographs. Post a photo that showcases you right next to a grinning client. Make sure to post it on all of your social media platforms for optimal exposure levels.

Work With Businesses That Are in Your Area

Realtors who want to thrive in marketing on social media can opt to work with nearby businesses.

It isn’t unusual for agents to partner up with businesses that are close to them. They work alongside photography studios, inspectors, dining establishments and beyond. This can be advantageous to real estate agents who want to establish ties with fellow locals. If you’re a real estate agent who establishes a tie with an eatery owner, you may want to mention him in a video clip you post on Facebook. Talk about how you’re planning on heading to the dining establishment after a busy and rewarding afternoon of showing homes to potential purchasers.

If you establish friendships with area businesses, you can both reap the rewards of occasional “shout-outs.” It can sometimes be smart for real estate agents to come up with content alongside other ambitious business owners.

It’s essential to approach working with area businesses in an intelligent and cautious way. Limit yourself to businesses that have substantial customer bases in the area. Limit yourself to businesses that have reputations for excellent work. You don’t want one business’ awful reputation making you look bad.


If you’re a real estate agent who is fully committed to thriving in social media marketing, you have to remember that practice makes perfect. You won’t necessarily get the hang of marketing via social media overnight. Doing well on social media is something that can require months or perhaps even years.

If you have questions about marketing on social media, that’s 100 percent natural. Don’t be too shy to ask fellow real estate agents if they have any social network marketing suggestions available to give to you. Getting words of wisdom from renowned people in your field can be indispensable.

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