About Tyton Media

Tyton Media was built on the foundation of data-driven decisions. We help clients strategize and execute the perfect content marketing plan to provide an endless flow of targeted leads from search engines.


Tyton Media was founded by Tyler Horvath in 2016. Since then, we have grown into one of the premier Kansas City content marketing agencies. What sets us apart is our marketing knowledge that allows us to make more money for our clients.

tyler horvath closeup

Tyler Horvath


Tyler Horvath has been doing digital marketing for over 13 years and had built many companies using content marketing as a growth strategy.


Kathryn Jenson

Content Manager

With over 10 years experience building amazing content, Kathryn has worked at multiple fortune 500 firms as a content manager.


Jeff Anderson

SEO Tech

Jeff is the lead SEO and has been doing technical SEO for 7 years. Being the master of outreach, he can rank any content on the first page of Google.


Alli Mitchell

Content Architect

Allison has her MBA in creative writing from Full Sail University and has worked as a content writer for several large tech startups.

Lets grow your bottom line

Let us grow your traffic and increase your ROI with strategic Content Marketing