Is Yext Good for Medical Practices?

yes for medical practices

When you are trying to make your medical practice visible online, you might want to use Yext because it provides you with information about your business and your online presence.  You can use Yext for medical offices, but you need to understand what you are getting.

As you read through these options, you must ask yourself if using basic SEO techniques would serve your company better. You are choosing between a basic system that requires some tracking and the massive Yext platform.

What Does Yext For Doctors Do?

When you sign up for this service, they provide you with a few services that you can use to manage your online presence.

  • Answers
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Listings
  • Reviews
  • Pages
  • Analytics


When you start with this platform, you can use their Answers programming to put a search function on your website. This might seem like a good way to help your patients find the information they need, but this only works if you have traffic on your site. You should also focus on creating content that can be found by customers when they are searching online.

The Answers function does not help you as much as you think. You are paying for a search bar that does not address the online searches people use every day to find doctors or medical offices like yours. You are spending a lot of money for this service when a traditional web designer could add a search bar to your site with ease.

The Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is a place where you will see all the public facts about your business. While this might sound nice, you cannot do much with this information. You can easily update your Google Business page, add content to your website, and push more current content. You might also have your SEO marketer check online review sites for any faulty or bad reviews. You can address these problems without spending the extra money to see a complicated graph.

As a doctor or manager of a medical office, you do not have time to decipher all the information that is provided by the Knowledge Graph when you should be creating new content that will rise to the top of search rankings everywhere. A traditional SEO company can use keywords and content to bring your company to the attention of the public, and they can remove any online content you published that is no longer relevant.


Yext for medical offices will give you a list of all the places where your medical or doctor’s office has been listed. This might seem useful because you want to know where your patients are finding you. However, you can ask a traditional SEO marketer to check your listings, update any information that was used to create these listings, and ask you if you would like to add your information to any listings.

Paying to see a list of listing services makes no sense. You could easily check these listings on your own. Once you have solved any problems with your listings, you will discover that you do not need this feature anymore.


When you use Yext for Doctors, you get some redundancy in the reviews section. The Knowledge Graph will give you a lot of information about reviews and other public information about your company. Because of this, you do not necessarily need the reviews section.

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The reviews will pull up reviews for your company, and you can try to solve any problems from negative reviews. You can easily search for these reviews on your own, and the platform does not give you any assistance in trying to help these unhappy patients. Because of this, you are better off skipping this service. You are paying extra money for something that you can do on your own, and that is not a good way to spend your money.


The Pages function allows you to create pages on your website that will reach patients and voice search engines. This is something that a lot of doctors might think is helpful because they want to be as easy to find as possible. However, you can get your SEO marketer to do this work for you.

Writing for a voice search engine is easy so long as you create sentences that an AI can read. The sentence that you just read is easy for an AI to read, and you can ask your SEO company to adjust your content for voice search engines. You do not need to pay extra money to have a page created just for voice searches.

An SEO marketer can actually add all the information, make the page informative, and make changes that will make the page easier for a voice search engine to read. Because of this, you can get the results you need without using the Pages feature. This is something that seems good when you read about it on the platform website, but it does not provide you with a useful service.


The analytics on the site are just like the analytics any other SEO firm would do. They are going to track all the traffic that you are getting on your website, and you can see which keywords work best. You can actually ask an SEO company to embed a keyword tracker on your website, and you will get the same results. The keyword tracker helps you create a list of keywords that you will get results from, and you do not need to pay even more money for analytics that are common in the industry.

How Can You Save Money?

You can save money and time by using basic SEO tactics. If you just started your medical office, you can do most of the SEO on your own. You can add a keyword tracker to a basic WordPress page, and you can see which keywords work best. You should try to add as many local keywords as you can, and you can add content to your blog that will help patients find you.

When you are adding content to your website, people who are searching for a doctor will find your site first because you have talked about that content so much. You can continue to write content that shows you are the expert in a certain specialty, and you can add more local keywords to make sure that your patients can find you easily.

You should update your Google Business page to make sure that your address and phone number are listed. Google can use this information to give patients directions to your office, and they can click on the phone number to place a call to your office.

You did all this on your own, and you can hire an SEO marketer when you have the money. SEO costs far less money than an overblown system like Yext, and you will not be confused because your SEO marketer does most of the work for you. You get reports from the SEO company, and you can ask the SEO company questions any time you want.


You might be tempted by expensive technology that looks pretty, but an SEO company can do everything you need for much less money. You will get personalized service from the SEO marketer you use, and they will take a personal interest in your business because they are doing the work instead of letting the software take over.

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