Tyton Media Content Marketing Plan

Our content marketing plan is specialized to your business and target customer. With Tyton Media’s Content Marketing Plan, you will have a steady flow of targeted leads coming to your website daily.

Whats Included:


Before we begin, we will provide a consultation to help increase conversions on your website or blog.

Full Content Marketing Team

We will take over your entire content marketing operation from strategy to posting on your blog.

Amazing Content, Every Month

Our specialty is building really great content that attracts backlinks, shares and customers.

Strategic Content Promotion

Simply building amazing content isn't good enough anymore. We will build high-quality backlinks and social mentions to your content to rank it high in search engines.

Weekly Reporting

We will send weekly reports of the campaign performance so you can see your traffic grow each week.

Why Tyton Media?

We have a combined 30 years experience in content marketing and SEO.

Tyler Horvath


Tyler Horvath has been doing digital marketing for over 13 years and had built many companies using content marketing as a growth strategy.


Kathryn Jenson

Content Manager

With over 10 years experience building amazing content, Kathryn has worked at multiple fortune 500 firms as a content manager.


Jeff Anderson

SEO Tech

Jeff is the lead SEO and has been doing technical SEO for 7 years. Being the master of outreach, he can rank any content on the first page of Google.


Allison Mitchell

Content Architect

Allison has her MBA in creative writing from Full Sail University and has worked as a content writer for several large tech startups.

ROI & Pricing

Content Marketing is one of the best investments you can make for almost any business. Having a steady source of leads and customers is the fastest way to grow your business.

Here is why you will benefit from Tyton Media’s Content Marketing Service:

Save on Employees

All in cost including benefits, training, insurance and other added costs for a full-time employee are much higher than what we charge.

Conversions, Not Just Traffic

We measure our success by the conversions and sales we produce for your business. We build high-quality content that is focused on your target demographic so you see the biggest ROI possible.

More Experience

We have a total of 30 years experience in content and digital marketing. We were creating high-quality content when Zuckerberg was still in high school.

More Flexible

Unlike a full-time employee or some other marketing services, we offer a contract-free product that can be used for 3 months or 3 years.

Faster ROI

At Tyton Media, we have a set content marketing process so we can hit the ground running from day one. No training or waiting.. just faster results.

Content Marketing Package



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