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Online Advertising: Tyton’s Really Big Guide

tytons online advertising guide

  Ever since the internet was introduced to the consumer, we have been shown ads and advertisements all over the web. It has become a part of the internet and although some people may hate ads, it is what keeps online businesses running. Online advertising has enabled millions of companies to grow from small businesses […]

Snapchat Geofilters: A Complete Guide


Snapchat geofilters are location based graphics that you see in certain locations when using Snapchat. If you are a regular Snapchat user than its very likely that you have seen these filters. But did you know that you can create and submit geofilters to Snapchat yourself? That’s right… users can now submit geofilters to Snapchat for […]

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

google analytics guide

Google Analytics is a free analytical tool, available to anyone who runs a website or blog. It not only measures your website’s traffic but can also provide statistics and in-depth data on: The speed of your website Whether the site is mobile-friendly How many visitors end up as a customer What part of the world […]