9 Types Of Content that Increase SEO


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When it comes to SEO, content is king. It has always been king and will probably always be king. This is because the internet is content. People are searching for content billions of times a day… whether it’s about symptoms of a cold, what the weather is or who won the baseball game.

Content can come in many shapes and forms but is the basis of the internet in this informational age. Content can be articles, how tos, images, infographics, videos, snapchats, tweets and charts to name a few. SEO is most effective when you utilize as much of these types of content as possible. This allows you to get the most amount of exposure in each of the content types vertical.

For example, if you create an amazing infographic for your website, you can submit your infographic to a bunch of infographic directories and you will get backlinks from those sites you would not with just an article or how to guide.

There are plenty of different types of content these days but here are some of the popular types of content:


Articles (or blog post) are great pieces of content because they are most easily read by Google bots. They are the easier way for the Google bot to figure out what your content is about. Have a plethora of great articles on your website will generate strong backlinks and followers.


Video content is now one of the most important pieces of content. With the rise of vine, snapchat, Facebook Live and now Instagram stories, you can create tons of great video content right at your fingertips! Create a piece of video content daily about your business or website and you will notice a large improvement in your traffic.


Infographics are images that depict charts, graphs, data & information about a certain topic. These pieces of content have become very popular for their share-ability as well as the plethora of visual pleasing data. As I mentioned before, there are a ton of infographic directory to submit your infographic to (giving you backlinks) to increase your rankings. Make sure your infographic contains tons of great data and is visually appealing and it will get a ton of shares.


Writing a guide for your business or website niche can increase your SEO tremendously. The reason that guides are so good is because they are long content. Google and other search engines love words and content. Guides usually contain over 1500+ words which the SE’s just eat up. They are also good because guides are usually super helpful and when people find something helpful, they tend to share it.


Writing a review on a product or business can create high quality backlinks in many forms. People looking to buy are always looking for reviews. Creating an editorial review for a business or product is a great way to gain some backlinks as well as prime your customers for buying.

Statistics/Research Data

This is a new piece of content that we just started using at Tyton SEO. Statistic content is becoming one of the best ways to gain high quality backlinks and see tons of social signals (shares, likes, tweets, etc). Create a very in-depth statistical research article about a specific niche or business. People often reference (backlinks) statistical data so you are sure to get a ton of high quality backlinks.

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Writing a Ebook about your niche, website or business is a great way to see improvement in the search engines. Ebooks can easily be made by combining all your content into some pdf pages and offering it to your customers. Ebooks provide so much content that people love sharing and linking to them.


Memes aren’t new anymore… but they still work as a content medium. Creating a funny or viral meme and hosting it on your server will generate a lot of shares and backlinks from people who enjoyed your Meme. Often times, people will also download your Meme and host it on their site with a link back. This is how you can generate great backlinks using Memes.


I know Lists are pretty much just articles… but there’s more to list than people think. Lists can be almost anything you want them to be, which is why they are so great. A list can be as simple as a list of the top businesses in your niche or a list of types of content for SEO! Lists can also be incorporated into other pieces of content that we have discussed before. Creating your list and putting it on sites like https://li.st/ can increase your brand awareness and generate good backlinks which will increase your rankings.


Content can come in almost any form, but if you start with these types of content and starting building, you will notice a large increase in your rankings. Yes, there are other pieces like keyword research, website speed and user experience but the content is what brings the backlinks and the visitors. Keep creating engaging/quality/shareable content and your business will thrive in the search engines!

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