How to Build a Digital Marketing Plan

digital marketing plan

Due to growth in technology today, a lot of daily human activities have been digitalized, especially in the business world.

Digitalization has taken over, and it is making everything easier for everyone through automation of processes like banking, marketing, and shopping, among other things. That is today business owners don’t have to rely only on newspaper and billboard adverts to market their products as well as their brand as they can post pictures online using their phones and data and still get customers.

Digital marketing has become a necessity for business owners as it results in tremendous growth and success. With a good digital marketing plan in your business or company, you can easily meet your marketing goals as well as enable your company to reach greater heights. However, it may not be easy for you as a business owner to shift from the analog to the digital way of marketing your products, and that is you need a plan. That is, you should take time to prepare, research as well as follow the marketing trends and choose what suits your business or organization.

Here are some of the steps that you should follow to help you build a good digital marketing plan:

Identify Your Goals and objectives

Before coming up with your marketing goals, you need to analyze your business and understand its mission in the industry /market.

Goals matter a lot when it comes to building a marketing strategy as they are a clear picture of what you want to accomplish for your business or company. Also, goals enable one to make the right decisions, avoid making mistakes, lead his/her team to the right path, among other things. That is, you need to know whether your shift to digital marketing is for making more sales, building your name in the industry, generating leads, among other things.

Because digital marketing can be used in so many ways and still help your business to expand and grow. For instance, if you choose a digital marketing plan to increase brand awareness as your main objective it will also help in increasing sales over time.

As a business owner take time to analyze your company or organization and see which department or sector in your business needs digital marketing urgently. This way, you will be able to come up with realistic goals that will help you grow your business.

Implement Some Guidelines To Reach Your Goals

It’s important to have goals, but only if you have the means of achieving those marketing goals without straining. You marketing goals play a huge role when it comes to your digital marketing plan and overall performance of your business that is why should be taken seriously. Here are some of the steps that you may follow to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

  • Sharing content from influencers on your social media platforms as it helps in increasing your brand recognition as well as build a relationship with potential clients.
  • Encouraging clients to send their testimonials as well as reviews via your email address and you share them on your online platforms, e.g., websites, Facebook, email, twitter, among others.
  • Place lead generation widgets or lead magnets on the sides of all your posts or blogs as it will help you attract and gain more clientele.

These steps and many others are what you should implement to help you achieve your digital marketing goals during the process of building the marketing plan. When you do the right things right in the digital world, you can be sure of getting good results.

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Study The Market And The Competition

To build a healthy digital marketing plan, you need to study and understand your business surroundings.

That is the competition among companies in your industry as well as the market. That is look out for the marketing trends being used by your competitors or check your competitor’s benchmarks and analyze the strengths, weaknesses as well the opportunities. Benchmarking is important as it helps you learn as well as identify your mistakes when it comes to marketing.

Also, it helps you make very informed decisions as you start your digital marketing journey. By understanding and analyzing your surrounding, you can now build the digital marketing plan that is unique and will help you stand out in the industry. Besides, as a business owner, you would want your business to be at the top when it comes to competition.

Create Traffic Online By Blogging

Digital marketing involves a lot of things, but they all take place in online platforms; that is why you need to create traffic.

Online traffic is key as it helps you get an audience from different parts of the world who will later become customers or even business partners. Besides, your business can reach a wider range of people online than where its located as there is no limitation.

One of the ways to create traffic that will help you build a strong marketing plan is by using blogs or bloggers. Blogging is very important when it comes to digital marketing as it does not only create traffic for your business online but also positions your organization against other top companies and reinforces your precedence on social media. However, to achieve more in digital marketing using blogs, you have to be active and keep updating the things that interest your fans. Also, blogging makes it easy for people to find your business website, thus helping you build a strong digital marketing plan.

You can hire a blogger online to help you create traffic and reach a wider range of people with your marketing plan.

Understand And Learn More About Your Audience

After creating traffic, you need to come up with a way to connect with your audience as it is a very important step when building a digital marketing plan.

You must identify your target audience to avoid marketing your products and brands to the wrong group of people. The best way to understand and connect with your audience is by creating a good client profile for each service and product your company offers. Some of the factors you need to consider when it comes to the audience are age, gender, the challenges they are facing, their likes, tastes and preferences, where they live, and what motivates them among others.

To get more information about your target audience, you should consider checking the Facebook audience insights as well as google analytics. You should keep in mind, the more the details you get, the better the digital marketing strategy will perform.

Create Your Digital Marketing Financial Budget

In business, a lot of financial transactions are involved; that is why one should create a budget to help monitor their business expenses, losses as well as profits. Digital transformation is not cheap and may require a well detailed budgeted to avoid overspending. As a business owner, once you have decided to build a marketing plan, you should include a financial budget so that you get a plan that does not strain your financial budget for the business.

Digital marketing is a long term investment that is why you should know how much your business account has, how much should go to marketing and other business expenses. By identifying the amount of money you want to spend, you can easily choose a good marketing channel that suits your needs and does not strain your income. Besides your main goal is to make more money through digital marketing, not increasing business expenses. When preparing a budget for marketing your brand and products you should start by:

  • Looking at the digital marketing channels that have worked for your business before and how much they cost
  • Allocating specific portions of money to each digital channel that you like
  • Look out for social media promotions
  • Consider the requirements of your digital marketing team, e.g., training, hiring more staff, software, among others.

However, you should keep in mind that you cannot have a marketing plan without a financial budget to avoid limitations.

Look For Available Digital Marketing Channels

After setting your goals, budgeting, and knowing your audience, you should focus on choosing a digital marketing channel that will suit the needs of your business brand or company. However, before choosing a channel you need to know and understand how the digital channels available to your work.

You must get a digital marketing channel that will enable you to reach more and more clients as well as grow your company at a faster rate. In most cases, business people focus on one digital channel which is social media, but there is variety, and one should focus on the one that has his/ her target audience in large numbers. Other digital marketing channels include native advertising, websites, paid to advertise, Google AdWords, word of mouth among others.

Also, keep in mind that you can change your digital marketing channel once you feel that it does not meet your company’s or organization’s needs. Besides a good marketing channel plays a huge role in your digital marketing plan, that is why you should ensure that it is working efficiently.

Automate Marketing

In the digital world of business, everything is automated from marketing to communication as it enhances the overall performance of the company and reduces human error.

marketing automation

As you build up your marketing plan, you should focus on automating your marketing ways for them to be more effective. Also, you can include personalization as you automate your marketing techniques in that you can create a system that can help you send personalized marketing information to your clients. Also, you can send triggered email auto-responders that show your similar audience products that they have seen before. Automation and personalization are ranked as the top 3 in the best technology trends that have improved the business world.

It is good for business owners to automate their digital marketing techniques as they come up with a great digital marketing plan.

Ensure That Your Clients Can Easily Reach You

As much as you have a busy schedule, ensure that you are accessible to clients and potential customers who may visit your digital marketing channel. It’s your responsibility to respond to queries from your target audience as this helps them to trust your brand more and refer more clients.

As a business owner, you should always put your audience at the heart of your digital marketing strategy by satisfying their needs. However, if you fail to interact with clients or the target audience, your digital marketing plan may not work effectively. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your audience is not exerting unnecessary effort when trying to connect with you and your brand.

Use Mobile Marketing

Today due to growth in technology, 95 percent of people around the world are using a smartphone, tablets, among other devices to perform their daily activities. Over time the smartphones keep on changing and upgrading, allowing business people to access the internet and market their products online.

The good thing about using your smartphone in digital marketing is that it gives you the freedom to work at any place and anytime. Working on your phone is flexible and cheap as do not require any transport to move around that is why you should review your smartphone design, email and ensure that you are using a phone with the latest technology methods.

Understand The Digital Sales Process

As a business owner, you have to understand the creative ways of selling online in a digital platform as there are steps that need to be followed by buyers/customers. These steps include:

  • Discovering your brand
  • Researching and looking at the products and services offered by your company.
  • Purchasing your products or services

However, it does not end there, once the client has bought a product for the first time ensure that you send her a thank you message to make him/her feel appreciated. Appreciation can help win customers loyalty making them become long-term customers as well as recommend other people to your brand. To easily achieve this, ensure that you are very active online and that you directly communicate with your clients. Also, you can create a referral link that clients can send to their relatives and friends. Once a client refers someone to your company, you can decide to offer them a discount on what they purchase, thus motivating them.

Keep Tracking Your Progress

Tracking your progress is the most important step in building your digital marketing plan for your business. That is even if you follow all the steps mentioned above without tracking the performance of your business, you may end losing your money and not achieving your marketing goals. Keeping track of your digital marketing progress is easier as everything is computerized and saved online, unlike the traditional way of marketing. That is even if you use more than two marketing channels or platforms for advertising your products, there are so many ways of tracking how your marketing strategy is working.

keep track of progress

One of the reasons why you need to keep tracking your progress is to identify the channels that are not favoring or working better for your marketing strategy and take them out. That is tracking helps one to concentrate on the few digital channels that are positively contributing to the marketing plan and maximize their results in your business.

Tracking should be done regularly like every month, and meetings should be held to review the progress of the plan and how it is helping your business to grow. Also always go back to the goals you outlined and check the ones you have accomplished since you started the digital marketing journey. Besides, as a business owner, all you want is to see the digital marketing strategy working on your favor and helping you grow your business from national to international levels.

Digital marketing is here to help entrepreneurs or people in business/women achieve their goals in the business world. That is a good digital plan should come with great business opportunities that will help impact growth not only to the entrepreneurs but also to the world economy. As a business owner, you must ensure that your digital plan is well detailed with everything you need to achieve your marketing goals. Also, a good digital marketing plan should:

  • Help to segment your marketing campaigns and ensure it provides value to your company every single day of operation
  • Should not only attract but also convince new and existing clients that your company has good products and services, thus making them fall in love with your brand.
  • Help in planning actions and strategies to reach your target audience.

Keep in mind that having a digital marketing plan in your business is everything in this day and age, and you should not miss out as a business owner. According to researchers, digital marketing has saved millions of business and entrepreneurs around the world. You can only be among the successful ones by following these steps and many others and build an amazing digital marketing plan.

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