Top 15 SaaS Accounting Tools

saas accounting tools

Accounting is crucial in any business, whether small or established. The tasks involved, however, are not a walk in the park. This is because businesses face particular challenges when they want to manage their finances. Some of the common issues include filing taxes, unforeseen expenses, cash flow management, and payroll management among others.

Fortunately, you can rely on numerous accounting software solutions to help you handle such hefty and time-intensive tasks, thus giving you more time to concentrate on the core aspects of the business.

Here are some of the top accounting SaaS tools that you can rely on today to make the tasks easy.


Quickbooks is an accounting SaaS software that does numerous accountancy tasks automatically, thus saving you a significant amount of time and workforce. The software is easy to use and set up, and it is useful in helping businesses to keep track of cash flow. It can handle all these tasks from one place, which makes it more convenient.

quickbooks saas accounting

Quickbooks eliminates the workload of data management, which means that you are done worrying about losing important files that you’ve stored in your personal computer. The software is completely secure, and it allows you to back up your data. What’s more, you can access Quickbooks from any device at any time.


Another efficient accountancy related software is FreshBooks. Currently, FreshBooks has over five million users across the globe. It offers numerous solutions to business and freelance accountants. The software is especially effective in invoicing and time tracking.

freshbooks accounting software

FreshBooks has important features on its dashboards such as payment claims, overdue payment reminders, direct payment gateways, and delay fees. Users can rely on this system to automate the recurring billing process, thus allowing it to accept credit card payments, PayPal, Amex, and Google Checkouts. The vendor has also redesigned its dashboard to enable collaboration between team members. You can also navigate between reports, invoices, and different accounts easily. Moreover, it allows you to invite up to 10 accountants.

Sage 50cloud

Sage is an accountancy SaaS tool that is designed to help businesses to manage their finances efficiently. It is also useful when it comes to reporting and filing taxes. The software is designed with 50 enterprise-level features, which allow you to keep track of your cash flow, budgeting, expenses, inventory, invoicing, taxes, and financial data among others.

sage accounting saas tool

Sage 50cloud also includes add-on such as POS, data management, e-commerce, payroll, and credit card processing. The system is also compatible with mobile phones, thus allowing you access anywhere at any moment. Furthermore, it has integrated Microsoft Pay.


Xero is an accountancy software that allows businesses and their owners to access and keep tabs on real-time financial data from any location at any time. What’s more, you can access this system on several devices. It is an effective accountancy tool because it helps you to manage and track payables, receivables, revenue, wages, cash flow, and expenditure.

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Some key features of this software include multiple languages, real-time currency exchange updates, custom invoices, and multiple currencies.

xero accounting saas

A notable aspect about this SaaS tool is that you can customize it to suit your specific needs. Additionally, you can connect it to more than 5,000 financial institutions around the world. The solution automatically reconciles bank transactions, thus allowing you to enjoy optimal control.


If you are looking for a free accountancy software, then Wave might be the solution you are looking for.

wave accounting saas tool

The tool is fast and easy to use, and it is very secure. It allows businesses to carry out unlimited invoicing easily and conduct real financial analysis. This solution is most suitable for small businesses. This is because it is meant for small businesses that have nine employees or below. Consultants and freelance accountants can also rely on this software. is a payment platform that businesses rely on to pay and get paid. The solution networks with more than 400,000 businesses, and it has made payments appear more seamless. It also allows vendors and customers to transact easily because it has an accountant, direct, and bank channels.

bill com saas tool

It integrates with your other accountancy software so that it can make account reconciliation seamless, eradicate human errors, limit redundancies, save on time, and integrate business and financial application.’s stronghold lies in its capability to integrate systems, which enables companies to synchronize accounting systems with payment data.

QuickBooks Enterprise

This is another accountancy solution that helps high-growth businesses with their financial evaluation needs. The platform has plenty of useful features such as intuitive inventory monitoring, enterprise-grade payroll management, and industry-specific features to bring all transactions in one place. The software’s primary function is financial management and reporting.

quickbooks enterprise saas gif

What’s more, business owners won’t have a hard time trying to use this software solution because it uses a simplified language, and it is easy to navigate through. Moreover, it has an impressive storage capacity and can handle complex accounts related tasks. The solution has different payment plans, and you can pick the one that works best for you.

NetSuite ERP

netsuite saas accounting

NetSuite ERP is an accountancy software solution that deals with customer relationship management (CRM). However, that’s not the only thing that it does. It also deals with customer support, order management, and sales force and marketing automation. The solution is loaded with a myriad of tools, which ensure to make financial management in any business a walk in the park.

The solution comes with a pre-configured dashboard, but you can customize it to suit your specific needs. You can use the software for inventory management, fixed assets, order management, financial management, and revenue management. It can be used by different users in an organization, all of who can customize it to generate specific reports based on their duties in the business

Zoho Books

Another useful accountancy SaaS tool is Zoho Books. The solution has advanced features such as the custom domain, invoice templates, bulk payments received, recurring journals, and project deletion. The software can automatically send payment reminders, automate bank feeds, and allow you to send and track retainer invoices easily.

zoho books saas accounting

But wait, there’s more. This solution also integrates with Stripe, which simplifies payment reconciliation. It also eliminates miscommunication between the sales and accountancy units in a business. Additionally, it has mobile optimization, thus enabling it to integrate with other business applications.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

A business requires to have full control over its finances, and Microsoft Dynamics GP provides small and medium-sized businesses with that opportunity. Moreover, it provides your business with useful intelligence and gives total control over inventory. The software serves as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

It allows you to start small, but you can advance as your business grows and changes. What’s more, you can use it on the company’s servers or in the Microsoft cloud.


Tipalti is another online payment software that allows businesses to manage global mass payments. The software allows businesses to accept payments in over 190 countries, has 6 payment methods, and use 120 currency options. And that makes it suitable for businesses that have offices or branches in multiple countries across the world.

Tipalti is preferred because it is accurate, easy to understand, and functions promptly. The software also features AP, payment reconciliation, and financial reporting, which supports a wide array of payments and ERP systems. Its efficiency ensures that human error is eliminated in the financial department.


FreeAgent is an accounting solution that can be relied on by freelance accountants and small businesses. Currently, more than 60,000 businesses use this software to track and manage their financial operations. This tool is impressive because it has plenty of features to make all your firm’s financial management tasks seamless.

freeagent accounting saas tool

You can use it to deal with tasks such as invoices and estimates, expenses, taxes, cash flow, expenses, bank transactions, time tracking, and the financial performance of specific projects. The dashboard is built to allow you to see all the financial operations of your business, thus letting you prioritize the essential tasks.

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is an accounting SaaS tool that businesses can rely on for financial tracking and expense reporting.

zoho expense saas accounting

It is the ideal tool for expense management because it keeps a record of all financial transactions that your business has made. Interestingly, the software runs on any device, thus enabling you to access your firm’s financial information anywhere, anytime. It also records credit card transactions, thus making workflow much easier. Additionally, the software also seamlessly integrates with other Zoho products.

Keka HR

Keka HR is a platform that is designed with an impressive payroll and expense management system. But that’s not all. It also has an alert talent acquisition and management system to help you identify productive employees. The software is easy to customize and quite user-friendly.

keka accounting saas

The software also provides you with key insights regarding your employees, and it makes payroll operations seamless.

AccountEdge Pro

AccountEdge Pro is an accountancy solution that helps small businesses to manage their account numbers, balances, and bank accounts. It also allows them to keep tabs on their annual budget.

This tool helps businesses to be on track by recording every transaction. What’s more, it ensures that the data you have is correct and balanced. The software is also efficient because it backs up your business’ files, and it locks down reconciled financial data.


There are plenty of great account SaaS tools out there that can help streamline your accounting and bookkeeping for your saas business. Please comment below your favorite accounting SaaS or any that we didn’t mention!

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