50 Astonishing WordPress Statistics for 2020

wordpress statistics 2017

wordpress statistics 2017

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web to date. It has been alive and well for over 13 years and has only gained more traction along the way. WordPress now powers most of the websites on the internet so we thought we would build a statistical tribute to WordPress.

There are some pretty astonishing facts and statistics about WordPress that I wanted to collect and share to the World.

We collected the most outstanding and insane WordPress statistics in 2020 and compile this awesome list:

WordPress Usage

1. WordPress powers almost 27 percent of the entire internet. (Source: torquemag.io)

2. WordPress sites around the world publish 24 posts per second. (Source: torquemag.io)

3. WordPress as a CMS (47%) is nearly 12 times more popular than Drupal (4%) in India. In the US (2014 data), WordPress is preferred by 50% of the users, with Drupal scooping up 17% and Joomla getting 6.44%.

4. 50,000 WordPress.com websites are being launched daily. (Source: codeinwp.com)

50,000 WordPress.com websites are being launched daily. Click To Tweet

5. WordPress sites receive 22.17 billion monthly pageviews. (Source: torquemag.io)

6. 25% of the top one million websites use WordPress as of February 2017. (source: cminds.com)

7. WordPress blogs receive 46.6 million comments per month. (Source: torquemag.io)

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8. WordPress.com gets more unique visitors than Amazon (126 million per month vs. 96 million per month) (Source: codeinwp.com)

9. There are 2.7 million global monthly searches for WordPress. (Source: torquemag.io)

global searches for wordpress

10. WordPress 4.6 has been downloaded 21.7 million times. (Source: torquemag.io)

11. Only around 40 percent of WordPress sites are up to date. (Source: torquemag.io)

12. 22% of New U.S. Registered Domains Run on WordPress (Source: managewp.com)

13. There are 72 translations of WordPress. (Source: torquemag.io)

14. WordPress Is Most Popular With Business Websites (Source: managewp.com)

15. 71% of WordPress.com blogs are written in English. (Source: codeinwp.com)

16. 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs Are Managed With WordPress (Source: managewp.com)

17. 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress. (Source: managewp.com)

74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress Click To Tweet

18. 25 percent of WordPress users make a full-time living off of the CMS. (Source: torquemag.io)

19. WordPress is most popular with businesses, least popular with news sites (Source: torquemag.io)

20. 2,645 of the top 10k websites on the web use WordPress. (Source: codeinwp.com)

30. In January 2017, over 409 million people viewed over 24 billion pages each month through WordPress. (source: cminds.com)

31. 26% of the sites showing a version have an old version of WordPress. (Source: allthingsblogging.com)


WordPress Development

32. There are more than 47,000 WordPress plugins. (Source: torquemag.io)

33. Akismet is still the #1 downloaded plugin. (Source: torquemag.io)

34. Custom WordPress Websites Can Cost Between $1,000 and $15,000 (Source: managewp.com)

wordpress website pricing

35. Major versions of WordPress get released every 152 days on the average. (Source: codeinwp.com)

36. WordPress Developers Charge $50/hr (Source: managewp.com)

37. Around 21% of the whole WordPress code are comments. (Source: codeinwp.com)

38. A premium WordPress theme has the average price of $40. (Source: codeinwp.com)

39. WordPress 4.1 features 394,243 lines of code (96,924 of those lines are comments.). In comparison with the previous major release, 17,599 lines were added. (Source: codeinwp.com)

WordPress 4.1 features 394,243 lines of code (96,924 of those lines are comments.) Click To Tweet

40. There are currently 98 Versions of WordPress to Date (Source: managewp.com)

41. WordPress.org has been downloaded a total of 46 Million times. (Source: managewp.com)

WordPress Plugins

42. 11 plugins have reached more than 7+ million downloads. They are: WooCommerce, NextGEN Gallery, WordPress Importer, WP Super Cache, Google Analytics by Yoast, Google XML Sitemaps, Jetpack,

43. Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, Wordfence Security. (Source: codeinwp.com)

44. There are 89 WordPress Camps in 34 countries with more than 21,000 participants in 2015.  (Source: torquemag.io)

45. In 2016, there were 1.5 billion plugin downloads in the WordPress.org repository alone. (Source: cminds.com)

In 2016, there were 1.5 billion plugin downloads in the WordPress.org repository alone. Click To Tweet

WordPress Statistics

46. WordPress.com Powered by Only 449 People. (Source: managewp.com)

47. WordPress Search in Google Gets You 603,000,000 Results. (Source: managewp.com)

48. WordPress-Related Keywords Score 37 Million Searches Per Month. (Source: managewp.com)

49. There are 840+ meetup groups for WordPress all over the world. (Source: codeinwp.com)

wordpress meetups worldwide

50. WordPress was released May 27, 2003 (13 years ago) (Source: Wikipedia.com)



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