10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

real estate marketing ideas

There are many good strategies used to market modern real estate ventures and they all center on the technology-driven arena of online services. Any new real estate business will have to lean on up-to-date resources to get up and running in the right direction in today’s competitive world.

Professionals we talked to mulled over several marketing ideas and finally agreed on a list of 10 of the most popular ways to market a real estate business today:

Have a Professional Website

In order to be competitive in today’s real estate marketing, there is nothing more important than having a quality website. Talk to anyone who deals in the mediums related to technology-generated marketing and you will hear over and over again how vital a website is for any business to succeed.

Have a Professional Website

While it is possible to create your website yourself, those in the know recommend that you hire a professional firm to build a top-notch site. There are a lot of free website design templates available, but seasoned real estate executives and entrepreneurs contend they are too simple, too basic for a company that really wants to get moving.

“A good website will feature eye-catching codes, plugins, headers, and images,” one agent says. “Web designers know exactly what to focus on: speed, content quality, ease of navigating, photo quality and all the other elements that go into a site.”

A company’s website is a critical marketing tool. It makes perfect sense to hire a web designer to come up with an attractive site that will keep you up to date and competitive.

Websites designed and created by a professional have proven to be a tremendous means of saving time. All real estate agents and brokers know the value of time. A website designer can create within a site, an online quoting system also. It’s a way of booking meetings without having to use the telephone.

Services of professional website designers can range in cost from $500 to more than $10,000. It all

depends on the amount of “bells and whistles” you choose and your business needs.

Utilize 3D Matterport Scans

It does not matter if you are a broker, a property manager or a real estate agent, Matterport’s 3D program offers a stellar way to touch more clients, boost commissions and provide quicker closing on properties.

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3d mattersport scan

Clients are impressed when they have the opportunity to view properties in 3D. They know they are dealing with a class act company. Being able to see the property in 3D is a unique experience. It is a marketing tool that is making traditional home touring and photos vastly obsolete.

Customers who take a 3D virtual tour are able to walk through properties from anywhere and at any time. Matterport’s 3D camera platform scans interiors of various kinds of properties: residential, commercial, multifamily and more.

Trevor Popovits, a noted photographer and videographer, applauds Matterport, saying that its use of the camera has changed the world of real estate. He says the 3D effect delivers great content in basically no time.

“The camera’s fully automatic,” Popovits says, “making it easy for the user to capture the tour. When the scan is processed, it gets better. The user presses a button, and the scan is finished and can be shared in a matter of minutes.”

Matterport pricing showcases a variety of plans: Business (ranges from $309-$689/month), Professional (ranges from $69-$129/month), Starter ($9.99/month) and Free ($0). The primary differences in the programs are all about the number of people who can use the plan and the number of spaces or properties permitted for scanning.

Create a Blog

One way for a business to reach a wider audience is through developing a decent blog. Blogs can be created by just about anyone, but a blog produced by a professional is always recommended. The best blogs are attractive and informative.

Blog writers can be employed as needed by businesses, or be hired as regular employees. Good bloggers can design a blog as well as write the proper material that goes into an engaging piece.

Bloggers normally charge in a multiplicity of ways for writing: by the word, post or hour. Those who design and create a blog from the ground up may charge a set rate or an hourly rate. Rates, of course, are linked to the level of experience, expertise or reputation of a blogger.

Every businessman benefits from having a blog and this especially includes the entrepreneur in the real estate industry. When an informative blog about real estate is posted, and posted often, it brings more attention to a company.

Videos and other types of media can be added to a blog which can catch the interest of customers and bring lucrative traffic your way. A blog is one of the most popular strategies used in marketing real estate.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Pictures are still critical in the business of selling real estate. What you will need on staff is a photographer who knows his business. The digital camera has enabled everyone to be picture takers today, but not everyone can be called a photographer.

Hire a Professional Photographer

A good real estate photographer can make a big difference in a company’s sales production and marketing ideas. Quality photography is a must to sell properties. Potential clients will be sifting through a lot listings and you want your photos to catch their eye.

Darryl Glade, CEO of a major firm, says companies must use caution in hiring a photographer. He thinks too many photographers want to create “arty” photos and not pictures that really market and sell a property.

You can find photographers by scanning through portfolios posted online. You can see shots of houses exhibited in a way you think can be an asset and meet your needs.

Make certain the photographer you hire has all the advanced equipment. His camera should have a leading brand name with interchangeable lenses. Poor equipment can lead to disaster.

Offer Video Walkthroughs

The video walkthrough is an effective way can give a prospective buyers more insight into a property. While not as encompassing as the Matterport 3D scan, video walkthroughs can be much more economical.

Professionally-shot videos are not necessary. You can shoot video walkthroughs using your smartphone or shoot them with your own drone if you know what you’re doing.

Video Walkthroughs

Many agents prefer to work with their photographer who is normally a skilled videographer. The use of videos in real estate is not new, but the way videos are used has changed greatly.

The traditional slideshow with background music has been replaced by the stabilized video camera and intricate filming devices that make a real estate business attractive to both buyers and sellers.

It is said that people want to be able to take a thorough look at homes they like and to not just read about the homes. Research shows video walkthroughs are becoming more popular with clients than virtual tours.

Market Your Content

Content marketing has become a tremendous method of pulling visitors to your website and blog. You will have to become familiar with certain external websites in order to engage in content marketing.

Content marketing has been defined as one of the more critical of all marketing ideas. It identifies a distinctly defined audience with the aim of measuring impulsive and lucrative behavior from customers.

Instead of promoting your business or its services, you are conveying data that fills the buyer with more intelligence. The core of this strategy is the belief that if you, as businessman, delivers logical information to buyers that is logical and continuous, buyers will reward us with their business and faithfulness.

Check out the Content Marketing Institute if you need help in developing this vital strategy. They guide you through all the proper steps to develop and provide answers to all your questions.

Make Use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics Developer Branding Guidelines & PoliciesGoogle Analytics is a company that provides means of tracking your website’s activity by users. It tracks session duration, pages per session, bounce results and more.

Marketing real estate understandably involves analytics. Your website needs Google Analytics because it is an amazing way to understand if your efforts are actually producing as they should. It can answer these questions:

  • How many visitors are going to your website?
  • What is the average time visitors spend at your site?
  • What is the bounce rate?
  • What are the exit figures?

Google Analytics offers a free package for small businesses, that is good for the life of the business. The company offers an array of advanced applications for larger businesses that can be bought separately or together. All are priced on a requested quote basis.

Build a Profile on Zillow

Once you become involved in the real estate industry, the name Zillow soon becomes a household word. You soon know how important Zillow can be.

zillow realtor profile

Zillow is quickly becoming one of the main references to which many many buyers and sellers are turning in order to research the market and even try to find for potential properties.

A solid presence on Zillow can be a big boost for your company. You can easily create your Zillow account here and sign up for free. With Zillow you will be able to generate more traffic and contact more potential clients. With a great profile on Zillow you can expect your real estate business to pick up tremendously.

You can take out advertising on Zillow also, but this is recommended only when have established an impeccable profile.

Build a Facebook Page

Marketing real estate holdings on Facebook has become one of the most effective and efficient means of moving property. Setting up a Facebook Page does not require a lot of technology skills.

Building and developing a Facebook Business Page online will target a large audience. Everyone involved in real estate marketing knows that having a Facebook Page is essential.

Morgot Whitney, a content marketing specialist at WordStream, reports the average person spends 35 minutes per day on Facebook . “This gives people in real estate a real state a wonderful chance to jump in front of the right people with their best Facebook advertising entries.”

Once you’ve built your Facebook Page, practice proper online etiquette to ensure that you remain active and that you endlessly deliver a fair deal value in all posts. Use tact and calmness and succeed!

Market With Email Campaigns

Email marketing more and more is proving itself as a healthy tool for real estate investors. It’s a digital marketing idea that is packed with means of drawing valuable attention to your business.

Email marketing can touch thousands of prospective clients. Reaching clients can mean money. Be sure to use your email campaigns wisely and watch your business flourish.

Of course, you want to use the right digital tools such as MailChimp. This basic email marketing software is used by over 12 million businesses, generating an astounding a billion emails and more every day.

MailChimp offers three pricing packages: Pro Marketer ($199 per month), Growing Business ($10 per month) and New Business (Free).

Other popular email marketing systems to consider are Aweber and LeadPages. The latter allows you to make customer-enticing landing pages that are used to collect email addresses to which you will eventually market with Aweber.

Final Thoughts

While there are many methods to market your real estate business, its smart to focus on a few of these ideas and put all your efforts into those. If you try and do all of these marketing strategies, espcieclaly at once, you will spread your marketing thin.

SEO, PPC, social media and online marketing are the best and most powerful ways to market your realtor business these days. Focus on your website, creating content and active on social media and you will see great marketing success.

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