28 of the Best Content Marketing Blogs

content marketing blogs

Content marketing blogs are a dime a dozen these days. But there are a few of them that stand above the crowd. If you are looking for the best content marketing blogs on the web today, then you have found the right place. In this article, I am going to share with you a few of our favorite content marketing blogs that will help grow your content marketing skills.

Duct Tape Marketing

duct tape marketing blogAccording to the Duct Tape Marketing blog’s founder John Jantsch, “duct tape” is the best metaphor for a powerful marketing system.

Jantsch is the author of several bestsellers, including Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Referral Engine and more. He coined the term “duct tape marketing” to define useful, simple and affordable marketing that is effective at solving a wide array of problems. The blog covers all things marketing, from SEO and mobile SEO to social media and lead generation.

The “duct tape” of your content marketing plan should be tactics that get people who have a specific need to know, like, trust and do business with you, and that’s what Jantsch aims to offer through his blog.

Fresh Mail

FreshMail is an email marketing campaign platform that works with online companies to find ways to make their email marketing more effective.

freshmail blog

Through its blog, it teaches businesses how to transform email into a powerful marketing tool. You can find how-to information on all things email marketing, including how to leverage new technology such as big data, AI chatbots and “m-commerce” (mobile e-commerce) to complement email marketing campaigns. Their blog offers newsletter ideas, beginner guides to email list building and strategies for improving open rates, converting sales. You can also find out about the best tools out there to make email marketing more streamlined and less time-consuming.

Vertical Measures

vertical measures logoThe Vertical Measures blog provides information on a wide variety of marketing topics, including content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and pay per click advertising. The company’s focus is teaching businesses how to boost traffic and generate more leads, as its agency helps clients with content marketing, SEO and more to drive results online.

On their blog, you can learn a lot about content marketing, such as the content research and development process, content strategy, conversion optimization, how to do expert interviews, how to build links with content marketing, and how local businesses can use content marketing to generate local leads.

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is one of Neil Patel’s blogs. According to Forbes, he’s one of the world’s top 10 online marketers.

quick sprout blog content marketing

Quick Sprout focuses on “growth hacking,” or fast growth using tried and true strategies to build an effective online audience. The blog covers all the basics of online marketing, even for beginners who are starting from scratch. It provides “definitive guides” for several different aspects of marketing, such as link building, SEO, conversion optimization, copywriting, landing pages, marketing automation, building your personal brand and consumer psychology. One blog post features 75 content marketing tools, and you can find various posts featuring content marketing case studies.

The Quick Sprout blog also presents tips for producing high-quality content, as well as outsourcing your content.

The Marketing Scope

the marketing scope logoThis blog aims to provide CMOs and senior marketing professionals with a “private lab,” scoping out the latest news and research in the world of marketing.

The Marketing Scope provides free reports and guides, while the blog features research-based content on the latest marketing trends, products and techniques. You’ll also find profiles of marketing visionaries and success stories of marketing innovators. When it comes to content marketing resources, you’ll find blog posts on video marketing, social media content strategy, keyword research for content optimization and email marketing.

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Unbounce provides a landing page and conversion marketing platform for its clients, and its blog features expert knowledge on launches and landing page conversion tools like popups and sticky bars.

unbounce content marketing blog

There are countless posts that teach you how to create better content, including complete content marketing guides and informative posts on content marketing analytics and metrics. Some posts feature content marketing case studies and content campaign ideas, while others go in depth into the science of creating quality content.

Marketing Insider Group

marketing insider group logoMarketing Insider Group is a marketing agency founded by Michael Brenner, author of The Content Formula, who gives workshops and keynotes for Fortune 500 brands.

His blog provides wisdom on marketing topics across the board, with a particular emphasis on content marketing strategy. It offers writing ideas, templates and info guides on guest posting, content marketing research, content hubs and other content marketing topics. It even provides content marketing tips and strategies for specific businesses, such as law firms, B2B companies and more.

Top Rank Blog

This blog provides research and advice on a range of digital marketing and PR topics, including content marketing. In fact, it was ranked the #1 content marketing blog by Junta42 three years in a row.

toprank marketing blog

Specializing in content-based customer acquisition, you’ll find info on social media marketing, blogging, influencer marketing, SEO and email marketing. Top Rank Blog helps you keep up with news and trends in the marketing industry, and you can learn from content marketing case studies and spotlights on major online influencers.

Convince and Convert

convince and convertConvince and Convert works with huge brand name clients to boost digital marketing success, and its blog was ranked #1 among content marketing blogs by Content Marketing Institute. The founder, Jay Baer, is the author of five bestselling business books, including Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers, a guide to online customer acquisition and customer service.

On the blog you can access countless posts on every content marketing topic you can think of. Blog posts include tips, fixes, how-tos and advice on every aspect of the content marketing process, and on the process as a whole.

The Moz Blog

Moz specializes in SEO, providing SEO software and education. On the blog, you’ll also find posts on copywriting, content marketing research, link building and clickbait. You can even access free content marketing templates, ideas and case studies.

moz blog

Check out how-to’s on writing content for case studies, social media, product or service launches, email marketing, “expert roundup” style content and more. To help boost your content marketing campaigns, you can also learn about analytics tools and how to adapt your content strategy for emerging technologies such as visual search (search by camera) and voice search.

Copy Blogger

Copybloggercopyblogger logo is a copywriter’s staple, go-to blog for content marketing education. It’s great for writers who want to better understand marketing, conversion and sales, and it’s also perfect for marketers who want to write better copy.

Copyblogger’s extensive archive of blog posts includes how-to’s and tips on crafting blog posts, headlines, emails, sales pages and more. It also provides advice for content writers on skill building, productivity tools and lifestyle. The free, in-depth copywriting guides on the site will teach you how to write the best clickbait, “linkbait” and content that builds authority, trust and loyalty without being “salesy.”

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing is an agency that helps small businesses with lead generation and conversion. If you’re a B2B business, their blog is a great resource for content marketing, branding and customer experience.

b2b marketing blog

With blog posts on B2B content marketing research, social media, account-based marketing (ABM) and more, you can learn the best content writing practices for a business audience. You’ll find some great posts on reusing content to get the most out of it, as well as how to optimize your content for mobile users.

The Content Strategist by Contently

Contently, a service that provides clients with written content, has a blog all about content marketing.

contently logo

They publish material on content funnels, storytelling, setting content marketing goals, crafting better social media posts and the latest trends and future predictions in the world of content marketing. You can even find guides and tips on copywriting and how to build trust, authority and opportunity with high-quality written content. It’s a great resource for content writers and strategists, who can learn from case stories of brands and businesses who are succeeding with innovative content marketing strategies.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s blog features episodes of his podcast, “Marketing School,” with Eric Siu. The podcast shares a broad spectrum of information on marketing and entrepreneurship, with a focus on effective branding, “growth hacking” and consumer marketing trends.

neil patel blog

It’s a great help for businesses or personal brands aiming to reach end consumers through social media, podcasting, blogs and other online avenues. You’ll find guides on creating mobile-specific content campaigns, reusing content, creating evergreen content, link building and incorporating the latest SEO practices into your content. Neil Patel also offers the latest research on the best content marketing tools, content distribution tools, analytics tools and tools to increase ROI for your content marketing.

Kiss Metrics

kissmetrics logoKiss Metrics sells a marketing platform called Alliioop to help clients build a customer base.

Their blog is all about analytics, marketing and testing, with a focus on using emerging technology to track and analyze user engagement with your content. It’s perfect for CMOs and other marketing professionals, who can even find marketing career-building advice.

The blog stays up-to-date with want to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the world of data analytics, no matter what size of business. You. The blog also features helpful posts on influencer marketing, video marketing, social media, podcasting and creating video content.

The PR 20/20 Blog

PR 20/20’s CEO, Paul Roetzer, is the author of The Marketing Performance Blueprint, a book about effective processes, technologies and strategies businesses can use to improve their marketing.

pr 2020 blog content marketing

The PR 20/20 Blog features a wide range of topics within the worlds of PR and marketing, with a focus on leveraging current technology. Content marketers can find content creation tips and ideas, as well as roundups of the best content marketing tools, online courses and trends. Learn how to use emerging technology like big data and AI to improve your marketing campaigns.


relevance blogRelevance was founded in 2006 with the vision to promote content marketing as the best strategy for brands and businesses to build online presence and authority. In 2015 their blog won the Content Marketing Award for having the highest subscriber growth.

You’ll find information about every content marketing topic under the sun on their blog, from content curation to crafting content for social media. They’ve also done a roundup post of the top 25 content marketing thought leaders to follow. The blog offers downloadable white papers, ebooks and other helpful assets for marketers, including 5 ebooks on content marketing.


Marketo’s blog offers “getting started guides” as well as advanced how-to’s for both B2B and consumer marketing. According to Marketo, AI technology is the next frontier in content marketing.

marketo content marketing blog

Through their blog, Marketo is already training businesses on how to automate content marketing and use big data analytics for content marketing research with the help of new AI technologies. The blog also provides classic branding and content marketing advice, such as storytelling tips, content strategy ideas and how to establish your brand’s voice on social media.

Influence & Co

influence and co blog logoInfluence & Co is a content marketing agency that combines content experts and technology to provide full-service content marketing to clients.

Their blog, called the “Knowledge Bank,” provides countless posts with expert information on content marketing, and a resource library with downloadable templates, white papers, guides and research reports. You’ll discover a trove of blog posts on content hacks, generating leads with content, email marketing, advice for outsourcing content and more. You can also learn about SEO, social media, incorporating webinars into your marketing plan, thought leadership and the latest industry news.

Brian Solis

Brian Solis is an award-winning author, blogger, marketing analyst and keynote speaker who’s written 7 books, including Engage!–a guide for creating online content that builds loyalty and trust for your brand. Solis writes his blog posts in first person, so if you like his books you’re able to get more content straight from him on the blog.

brian solis blog

With a big emphasis on keeping up with trends, Solis teaches how to finesse content for mobile users, create content for social media and leverage online influencers in your marketing. As a futurist, he’s interested in the latest technologies businesses can use to optimize their marketing plans.

Content Marketing Institute

content marketing institute logoContent Marketing Institute’s mission is to “advance the practice of content marketing.” They offer research-based, practical how-to guidance and expert advice through their blog, which is focused on aligning content marketing with sales.

You can read up on copywriting techniques, blogging tips, storytelling ideas, video marketing, content management and strategy and the best content tools. With posts by numerous different expert contributors, you can stay up-to-date with the latest in content marketing thought. The blog also offers several downloadable resources, including whitepapers, getting started guides, templates and Chief Content Officer Magazine, a publication for marketing professionals.


HubSpot has 3 separate blogs–their marketing blog, sales blog and service blog.

hubspot blog

On the marketing blog, they share insights, ideas and inspiration for marketers and offer how-to guides for beginners on content marketing, blogging and copywriting. You’ll find tips on blog optimization, WordPress, email marketing and creating effective “lead magnets” for email list opt-ins. This blog is great for keeping up with the latest trends in the world of content marketing. There’s even a blog post on how to evolve your blog content in the new age of AI-powered voice search.

CMO by Adobe

cmo adobe logoAdobe’s blog for chief marketing officers and other marketing professionals is plugged into the latest news and trends in internet marketing. They look at how emerging technologies are changing the landscape brand engagement, and how businesses can adapt to new technology, including 5G, AI, big data analytics and augmented reality.

The blog includes posts on content marketing written by an array of experts. Find info on content marketing storytelling, metrics, promotion, curation and more. Adobe emphasizes a multimedia approach to content, with lots of tips on video marketing, mobile marketing and interactive media.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a professional writer who has authored over 18 bestselling books and made a huge splash in the online marketing arena. He teaches The Marketing Seminar, an online course on marketing strategies and tactics. His blog is equipped with free ebooks and videos, as well as how-to posts on writing better content, authentic storytelling, branding, thought leadership and the psychology of marketing.

seth godin blog

His blog posts include anecdotal storytelling and other effective and engaging copywriting techniques, making them inspirational examples for content writers to study. The blog also features episodes of Seth’s podcast, where he provides Q&A sessions and other valuable content.

Bookmark Content

bookmarkthisBookmark Content is a marketing service provider with an emphasis on quality, trend-worthy content.

On their blog you can find content ideas for different types of content, such as “listicles,” content for charities, company newsletters, branded content and sponsored content. Bookmark Content is concerned with the latest consumer trends and keeping up with emerging technologies that affect the way businesses should do marketing; they emphasize “writing for humans and optimizing for machines.”

The blog features tips for creating data-driven content and adapting to new voice search technology with digital audio marketing.

Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen is a blogger and speaker who built her marketing career at well-known brands and has developed actionable guides for newbies and experts. Grounded in established marketing fundamentals, she provides insights on social media, content marketing and mobile marketing.

heidi cohen content marketing blog

Her blog, called the “Actionable Marketing Guide,” features highly valuable, content-rich posts, including one with a 13-step content marketing plan and another with 125 blog topics to help you generate content ideas. She also has a newbie’s guide to blogging and several tip-oriented posts you can apply to your marketing plan no matter what stage you’re at in the game.

Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

occams razor blogAvinash Kaushik is the author of two bestsellers: Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour a Day. With the goal of producing better results with the help of big data, Kaushik’s blog is focused at the intersection of marketing and data analytics.

His posts can help marketers learn about data analytics, bleeding-edge AI opportunities, marketing automation, survey tools, metrics and analytics tools that improve their content marketing efforts. Occam’s Razor is also great for analysts who want to stay up with the latest in the world of big data and digital marketing analytics.

Rohit Bhargava

Marketing expert Rohit Bhargava is the founder of the Non-Obvious Company, which provides workshops for business teams. He’s a Wall Street Journal best selling author of 5 business books, and a professor of marketing at Georgetown University.

Rohit Bhargava blog

His blog is laden with expert knowledge on brand humanity, marketing psychology, consumer behavior, marketing strategies, social media, content marketing and how culture and trends affect the way businesses should do marketing. He analyzes famous brands as case studies marketers can learn from. He also keeps you up-to-date with new technology and future predictions in the world of digital marketing.


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